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Normally we see housewives or fat dudes clutching their painful stomachs and then later smiling, often playing with children, after they took the advertised laxative with success… Example of normal: Now see the world of bizarro constipation advertisements: This equates feces to sewer rats being flushed out of bowels (the
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Ahhh, Craiglist, you crazy, crazy bastard. You never cease to offer up total weirdness. I thought the man trying to find a woman to fart in his mouth was great. This advertisement may be better. Look Ma, no hands!!
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So, this could possibly be Mexican gang members fighting or two Native American guys on an Indian reservation. We’re not sure. It’s been reported as either or. Regardless, it’s the dumbest, funniest fight we’ve ever seen. It has profanity, so make sure you’re not at work or have headphones on. But audio
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Craigslist is known as one of the top spots to find crazy… but this CL ad out of East Texas is some next level crazy. The ad was flagged and deleted right when we were screencapturing it and we missed getting bigger photos of the sisters. But we still got the smaller thumbs and, of
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From YouTube description: Boater’s Outlet employee Wyatt Green gets bit on the nipple while trying to relax with the fish at a lake. “It hurt like crazy,” Green said. “But I put a little alcohol on it and it’s starting to feel better.” Pretty crazy. Ha ha.
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Derek Water’s and a group of friends entered a Compton, California neighborhood to buy drugs last month when his best friend, Jameel Mendoza, was shot and killed. “We was in Compton to buy some weed and a bit of crack and some meth and possibly some LSD and my friend
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