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You see a lot of weird ads on Craigslist, but this is one of the weirdest. A 20-year-old girl posted an ad looking for a couple to join her and her 51-year-old STEP-FATHER in a foursome/couple’s swap/orgy. The ad: Looking for something different – mw4mw hi this is Gabrielle 20f in a relationship
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YUNNAN PROVINCE, China —  A gruesome discovery was made over the weekend when police raided Zhou Wong’s small shack to find the remains of a 9-year-old girl Wong had been eating over a period of five days. The girl’s carcass was laid across a kitchen table next to an untouched bowl of salad and a freshly poured
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Yeah, this is a bad idea.
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John Nesmeth is famous for luring in sexual predators by pretending to be under age girls on Craigslist. John, 33, recently posted an ad posing as a naïve and broke Russian model willing to trade services for a place to stay. He was purposely generic about what those services could be, outside of mentioning his subject
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BILOXI, Mississippi — Frieda Johnson’s mother frantically dialed 911 last night after she discovered her daughter had used a large hunting knife to shear off her breasts. The medical report, authored by Dr. Jameel Mendoza, stated Johnson was heavily intoxicated with alcohol and the drug flakka, a synthetic amphetamine-like stimulant, and was in a “hysterical rage” as doctor’s treated her
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Derek Water’s and a group of friends entered a Compton, California neighborhood to buy drugs last month when his best friend, Jameel Mendoza, was shot and killed. “We was in Compton to buy some weed and a bit of crack and some meth and possibly some LSD and my friend
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