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Drunk Florida Chick Stabs Her Boyfriend Because He Wouldn’t Bang Her

We try to find crazy crimes in other states, really, but Florida just won’t stop outdoing everybody else.  37-year-old Yanilca Ortiz-Burgos really wanted her boyfriend to give her some drunken morning sex, but he refused and she took action and stabbed him in the belly.


From the Daytona Beach News-Journal:

An angry Deltona woman cut her boyfriend’s belly after he refused to have sex with her, investigating Volusia County sheriff’s deputies said.

“Supposedly she came to my room because she wanted to be intimate,” Vega-Hernandez said. But then he felt a punch, and then an argument started.

Vega-Hernandez said he ran from the Antilles Terrace home after Ortiz-Burgos attacked him because he refused to have sex with her. He said Ortiz-Burgos walked into his bedroom Saturday morning after consuming alcohol all night and wanted to have sex, a report shows.

…Vega-Hernandez stated he was lying in bed and told Ortiz-Burgos he was too tired to have sex, which upset her. Ortiz-Burgos forcibly jumped on him and Vega-Hernandez pushed the woman off him sending her into a rage, deputies said.


Yanilca told police that she was “super sorry” and hopes her boyfriend forgives her for cutting his belly.

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