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Man Will Pay $100,000 to Have Sex with Grizzly Bear

We all know about trophy hunting, but there is apparently another kind of trophy hunting that involves rich men who pay to have sexual relations with exotic animals.

A man allegedly named Walter Kernel sent this email to what is believed to be a well known Russian gangster, searching for a sexual experience with a bear, a grizzly bear.

Transcript below.



As I told your associate, I am willing to pay $100,000 USD to have intercourse with a male grizzly bear.

You associate said that would be possible; however, I do not want a retired circus bear as he offered.

I want a wild grizzly bear. And I don’t want the bear to be caged or drugged. I want the full experience of “mating” with a bear in the wild.

Of course, the bear will likely not submit to me. Is it possible I could wear a grizzly costume? Actually, that would probably only work for a female bear and I want this bear to be a male Griz, a very fit one.

How do we make this happen?

Could your men hold the Grizzly stationary while I mount the bear? It’s possible the bear would then submit after a brief struggle???

When I had sex with a lion that’s what my guides did — held it until it submitted. Who knows… maybe the bear will like it. I had an Ostrich that seemed to enjoy it.

Again, I’m offering $100,000 which is a lot of money that I think you would be foolish to turn down. My budget allows no more than this. So please don’t ask.

Respond ASAP. I want to get this moving along.

Walter Kernel

We have no idea if authorities are searching for Kernel. It is believed he is a U.S. citizen.

But good luck with shagging this trophy Mr. Kernel!! I hope the bear rips you to shreds!!

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