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Squirrel Mommy: The Craziest Video You Will Ever See

This is the craziest thing we have ever seen, hands down, and our job is the post crazy stuff so that should say a lot. Before watching, just know that parts of this video are so over-the-top insane that you’ll either be laughing uncontrollably, shocked into disbelief, find yourself mad or all the above.

I think we can safely call this NSFW. The video does not not contain any violence of gore… it’s just incredibly messed up!!

The basic plot centers around a woman named Neena, who cannot give birth, and becomes insanely jealous when her best friend, Wendy, announces that she is pregnant. Neena decides to do something about that and ‘ten-ups’ her friend.

Get ready for a twisted trip you’ll never unsee…


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