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Anti-Fascist (Antifa) Group Advocates “Kidnap and Torture of Trump Supporters”

BERKELEY, California –

Berkeley Antifa declared a call for escalation of violence against Trump supporters today with a statement released on Facebook.


The group statement said, “Punching Trump fascists, disrupting pro-Trump speakers and marches has been effective, but we must do more. We call on all soldiers fighting against fascism to kidnap high profile Trump supporters, torture them and demand ransom money for their release. Not only will this terrify them and other Trumpkins into dropping their support for Trump out of fear, the ransom money will give us a large revenue stream to recruit more Anifa soldiers, buy weapons, to keep this just fight against tyranny alive and growing because if you aren’t growing, you’re dying. We can and will win the war against fascism, but we must take more drastic measures. Might makes right!”

Bikers for Trump responded to the statement with the following:

“We’ve been peace-keepers until now. But if Antifa continues to escalate the violence, they’ll be dealing with outlaw motorcycle gangs and we’ll see exactly how tough they are. We take no prisoners once we go to war.”

Crazy times we live in.

Update: It appears the Berkeley Antifa Facebook message has been deleted.

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