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The Craziest Constipation Ads You Will Ever See

Normally we see housewives or fat dudes clutching their painful stomachs and then later smiling, often playing with children, after they took the advertised laxative with success…

Example of normal:


Now see the world of bizarro constipation advertisements:

This equates feces to sewer rats being flushed out of bowels (the sewer).


Here we have a giant hoagie sandwich who’s in a jail cell wanting to be released.


A stuck sheep…



A roller coaster exiting a butt….



And now the most bizarre laxative ad of all time and potentially FOREVER…

The image of depressed and frustrated ‘turd creatures’ sitting around (one counting off the days on the wall) a bunghole comes with the tagline: ‘Only You Can Set Them Free.’

It’s disturbing and makes you want to possibly vomit yet kind of cool and arty to some, I imagine. Regardless of how you sum it up. One thing is for sure: It’s creepy.







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